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Notional Four-Zone MVDC Shipboard Cooling System Model

The following document presents a notional four-zone medium voltage DC (MVDC) ship-board cooling system model formulated for piping network design, system-level thermal analysis, and co-simulation purposes. In particular, this model description document (MDD) elaborates on mathematical equations describing the complete notional four-zone ship cooling network along with modeling assumptions and pertinent numerical methods.The modelling approach employed herein incorporates all major thermal-fluid components present in any zone to ensure proper operation of corresponding thermal loads, and it is not bounded by a particular cooling network layout nor the number of thermal loads. The major thermal-fluid components treated herein are gate valves, pumps, pipes, chillers, and heat exchangers. The model is therefore expandable to a larger system as long as the considered assumptions remain valid and a similar fidelity is sought

Publication Date

  • 2/19/2021

Grant Numbers

  • 0014-16-1-2956


  • FSU

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FSU. Notional Four-Zone MVDC Shipboard Cooling System Model. 2021