Electric Ship Research &
Development Consortium

Breaker VTB Model

Publication Date

  • 11/3/1999


  • G. Cokkinides

Affiliate Institutions

  • University of South Carolina


The breaker is modeled as a device with three possible states:

● Closed

● Arcing

● Open

The breaker is always initialized in the closed state. In this state, it behaves as an ideal resistor of a user specified value.
The breaker state changes from closed to arcing, when the RMS current through it exceeds its current rating. The RMS current is evaluated as the average of the square of the breaker current over a user specified time interval.
While in the arcing state, the breaker is modeled as a constant voltage source. The voltage magnitude is user specified (arcing voltage parameter). The polarity of the voltage is the same as the current flow direction.
The breaker finally switches from arcing to open state, when the current falls below the extinction current.
While in the open state, the breaker is modeled as an ideal resistor (Off-Conductance).