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Modular Multi-Level Converter Average Value Model

These reports detail the development of a simplified average model (AVM) for an MMC at CAPS. The AVM can emulate the steady state and transient behaviors seen in experimental results. The purpose of the model is to achieve less complexity and faster time domain simulation studies of the MMCs at CAPS, while still maintaining sufficient converter dynamic accuracy. The method utilized applies equivalent circuit models of the power stage and the duty-cycle generation circuitry to describe the low frequency behavior of switching model (SWM) systems.

Publication Date

  • 4/9/2020

Grant Numbers

  • N00014-16-1-2956


  • Lu Wang
  • Yanjun Shi
  • Dionne Soto
  • Karl Schoder
  • James Langston
  • John Hauer
  • Mischa Steurer

Affiliate Institutions



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Lu Wang; Yanjun Shi; Dionne Soto; Karl Schoder; James Langston; John Hauer; Mischa Steurer. Modular Multi-Level Converter Average Value Model. 2020