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MW-Scale Variable Voltage Source Characterization

The Florida State University Center for Advanced Power Systems 5 MW/6.25 MVA, 4.16 kV Variable AC and DC Voltage Source Converter (VVS) is a PEBB-based power amplifier which serves as an amplifier for power hardware–in–the–loop (PHIL)  simulation experiments. The VVS was tested in both an open circuit configuration and under inductive loading to determine its ability to perform at frequencies greater than 60 Hz. Empirical data from these tests was used in preliminary
validation of a Matlab/Simulink – PLECS simulation model. This report shows that the VVS can perform at frequencies higher than its rated 60 Hz, but not without certain limitations, such as filter capacitor current levels. For both test configurations, comparison of the empirical and simulation data showed an error calculated less than 8.4%. The simulation model is fundamentally accurate for open circuit and load testing configurations. This report provides a baseline for maturing the
facility’s controller hardware–in–the–loop (CHIL) simulation model of the VVS and initiates the need for a more diligent model verification and validation (V&V) process.

Publication Date

  • 12/4/2017

Grant Numbers

  • N00014-16-1-2956


  • Matthew Bosworth
  • Mischa Steurer

Affiliate Institutions

  • Florida State University



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