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Naval Power Systems Flexibility - Workshop

The workshop held at Florida State University’s Center for Advanced Power Systems on December 4-5, 2018 convened Navy, industry, and academic partners to generate dialogue and advance commonality in thinking about flexibility for unknown future requirements. The goal to achieve a common, definitional understanding about the concept of flexibility in future navy ship design and operation. This intent was scoped to include bounding the problem with initial lexicon as well as generating design considerations, areas of focus, and possible approaches to flexibility. The result was a structured facilitation approach with a generative workshop design.
The group also had a stretch goal of developing a path forward for building flexibility into Naval Power and Energy Systems. However, the discussion about lexicon continued for a more significant portion of the Day 2 agenda, resulting in clearer agreement about common attributes of flexibility as a power and energy system concept but forgoing the road mapping activity in the initial workshop design.
Preparatory sessions with the workshop team were integral in correctly scoping the focus of the workshop and defining its intended objectives. These objectives are the basis for the final workshop plan and facilitation design.

Publication Date

  • 3/11/2019


  • Erica Van Steen - preparer
  • Mischa Steurer - editor
  • Bob Hebner - editor
  • Scott Sudhoff - editor
  • Julie Chalfant - editor

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Erica Van Steen - preparer; Mischa Steurer - editor; Bob Hebner - editor; Scott Sudhoff - editor; Julie Chalfant - editor. Naval Power Systems Flexibility - Workshop. 2019