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Model Description Document Notional Four Zone MVDC Shipboard Power System Model

The following document provides information regarding documentation of the ‘Notional Four Zone MVDC Shipboard Power System Model’. The notional model is based on the IEEE-1826 zonal architecture utilizing MVDC breakerless shipboard power system (SPS) and as presented in [1][2][3][4]. Under previous grant funding through the ESRDC, a notional two zone 12 kV MVDC SPS model was implemented in DRTS platform, RSCAD/RTDS which was primarily intended for use in system fault management studies [5].
To broaden the scope of study and provide a common platform for ESRDC team members for input, discussion and collaboration between various entities in order to achieve the goals laid out by ESRDC, a simulation model working group titled, ‘ESRDC Time Domain Electric Model Simulation Working Group’ was realized. The goal of the group is to arrive at a common SPS model with its characteristics defined such that implementation of the SPS model in various simulation platforms can be mapped, verified and validated. The model zonal structure provided here is a direct mapping of the 10k ton ship model available in S3D under the ESRDC initiative [6]. The base architectural system data provided here is also derived from the S3D platform. Any dynamic data that is not available through S3D has been derived through discussion at the ESRDC Time-Domain Electrical Simulation Model Working Group. Only electrical characteristics have been considered in this document. Implementation of the power system model on various simulation platforms will be included as a subsidiary document.
Section 2 of this document lists the purpose of the document and the model. Section 3 provides an overview of the zonal architecture as envisioned by the Navy and the ESRDC team. Section 4 highlights the various modules and components that make up the next generation naval warship. While previous sections focus on the architecture of the system model and its components, section 5 provides information regarding the data required for implementation of modules, their inherent functionality, performance metrics, and also lays out information regarding electrical coupling of modules, their interface features such as control signal exchange and monitoring to an external control system that is tasked to perform a specific function to SPS such as power management, energy management, fault management and so on. Section 6 of this document lays out test cases intended for the SPS model that can be used to cross verify and validate models implemented across various simulation platforms.
The data and information provided in this documentation will be used for implementation of the SPS model in various simulation platforms such as RSCAD/RTDS, OPAL-RT, Matlab-Simulink.

Publication Date

  • 10/20/2017

Grant Numbers

  • N00014-16-1-2956


  • ESRDC Team



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