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Model Description Document: Notional Four Zone MVDC Shipboard Power System Model

• The model described herein is intended for Medium Bandwidth (MBW) simulation of system where in the time-step, Δt is bound within limits: (25 µs ≤ Δt ≥ 50 µs)
• The notional four zone MVDC SPS model described in this document is intended to be platform
agnostic and can be implemented on various simulation platforms with the intent to run in real time on various DRTS platforms such as RSCAD/RTDS, OPAL-RT, Typhoon-HIL, etc.
• The suggested characteristics/requirements of the system model described herein should be
incorporated into various simulation platforms
• The model described in this document will support controls evaluation. More specifically, the model design will allow efficiently interfacing a diverse set of controls through a well-defined interface in a modular manner. Such controls may be in various forms including software only or a given hardware controller with embedded control logic. Controls can be evaluated by modifying model parameters and observing system responses.
• The characterized system model presented here in will aid in various efforts under the ESRDC project aiming to study areas such as control architecture, advanced control algorithms and strategies, stability analysis, fault management, energy storage, power and energy management, electric plant load analysis and more
• The information, data and characteristics provided in this document should help with traceability, verification and validation of the SPS model implementation across various simulation platforms since their implementation may vary between different simulation platforms and also on type of model implementation

Publication Date

  • 10/25/2020

Grant Numbers

  • N00014-16-1-2956


  • ESRDC Team



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