Electric Ship Research &
Development Consortium

RCPC FNC - Model Requirements Framework v0.2

This document describes planned efforts in the development and evaluation of robust combat power and energy controls (RCPC) for shipboard power systems under the RCPC future naval capability (FNC). As insights into control functions and necessary interfaces are typically gained in the process of implementation and testing, the planned efforts are structured around a sequence of demonstrations to progressively improve the control approaches, the metrics and processes for evaluation, and the level of realism in the systems of interest. Here, the term demonstration is intended to more broadly refer to an evaluation of concepts, rather than to a single test or exhibition. Thus, each demonstration is intended to focus on evaluation of a defined set of RCPC control implementations for one or more specific system implementations in terms of a set of defined scenarios and evaluation metrics. By progressively building on previous demonstrations, the intent is to identify and refine useful RCPC functions and viable control approaches, identify and refine suitable controls interfaces, and gain insights into the strengths, weaknesses, and sensitivities of the considered approaches. It is intended that this process will also result in the development of a framework to support model development, verification and validation, and evaluation of system performance.

Publication Date

  • 2/7/2022

Grant Numbers

  • N00014-16-1-2956


  • James Langston
  • Tyler Boehmer
  • Md. Multan Biswas
  • Alex Johnston
  • Anna Brinck



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James Langston; Tyler Boehmer; Md. Multan Biswas; Alex Johnston; Anna Brinck. RCPC FNC - Model Requirements Framework v0.2. 2022