Electric Ship Research &
Development Consortium

Task 4.2.2: Control of Distributed Energy Storage

While extensive research in the area of energy storage has been conducted with the focus on a) the storage media and b) the power system interface of individual storage devices the focus of this task is optimal and rapid utilization of energy storage distributed throughout the ship power system.

In order to quantify the availability of distributed energy storage embedded in the ship power systems to the mission loads this task will develop a probabilistic approach to allow objective comparisons between centralized energy storage allocations and mission load centric energy storage to support dynamic mission load profiles. An analysis framework will be developed along with supporting software tools which takes into account the controllability of localized energy storage via the supervisory control approach and interface characteristics.

Publication Date

  • 1/14/2015

Grant Numbers

  • N00014-14-1-0198


  • C. Edrington
  • T. El-Mezyani
  • H. Li
  • J. Langston
  • O. Faruque
  • M. Andrus
  • M. Steurer
  • S. Paran
  • T. Vu



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C. Edrington; T. El-Mezyani; H. Li; J. Langston; O. Faruque; M. Andrus; M. Steurer; S. Paran; T. Vu. Task 4.2.2: Control of Distributed Energy Storage. 2015