Electric Ship Research &
Development Consortium

Transmission Line Model for Describing Power Performance of Electrochemical Capacitors

Publication Date

  • 12/31/2007


  • P.L. Moss
  • J.P. Zheng
  • G. Au
  • P.J. Cygan
  • E.J. Plichta

Affiliate Institutions

  • FAMU/ FSU Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • FSU Center for Advanced Power Systems
  • US Army CERDEC


A simple equivalent circuit model for EC capacitors can be established based on electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. The circuit consists of an ohmic resistor and a finitelength Warburg Element in series. The EC capacitor’s performance including the transient/pulse response and energy density as a function of power density (Ragone plot) can be stimulated by the equivalent circuit model with three useful parameters including an ohmic resistance, total ionic resistance and total capacitance of the electrodes.