Electric Ship Research &
Development Consortium

Upgrading HIL and PHIL Facilities at CAPS

The software infrastructure for operation and control of the 5 MW variable voltage source at CAPS had to be upgraded to ensure continued support and improved controls development and implementation environment. The upgrade included the corresponding CHIL setup, and furthermore, actually used the CHIL in the upgrade process to reduce the risks involved. The upgrade process was successfully completed and the PHIL facility has already been used for experiments including power conversion module testing and superconducting fault current limiters. While the upgrade process described here is specific to CAPS’ facility, the advantage of using CHIL in testing the newly implemented tools is of value to any institution or company faced with the same need. Concurrent with this upgrade, a new study of the applicable power electronics models was initiated and reported here. A CHIL interface for an MVDC simulation was also initiated.

Publication Date

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  • M. Sloderbeck
  • K. Schoder
  • J. Kvitkovic


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M. Sloderbeck; K. Schoder; J. Kvitkovic. Upgrading HIL and PHIL Facilities at CAPS.