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Draft ESRDC Initial Notional Ship Data

The Electric Ship Research and Development Consortium (ESRDC) has created a notional ship for use as a test case in developing research to advance the state of the art in electric ship concepts. The notional ship is a nominal 100MW, 10,000 ton displacement surface combatant, using data compiled from open source documentation. This document provides data relative to the ship, for use by ESRDC researchers.

A model of the ship was created in the Smart Ship Systems Design (S3D) design environment, to include electrical, piping and mechanical schematics along with three-dimensional placement of equipment on a ship hull in a naval architecture view.

Please note that this ship was designed by ESRDC researchers and is not intended to meet or represent any current or future Navy designed vessel. It is merely a somewhat realistic representative example for testing electrical and thermal system concepts.

The systems delineated in this document are a single, baseline reference ship. It is intended that alternative designs can be tested against this design; these alternatives may make adjustments such as replacing single pieces or classes of equipment, rearranging equipment using different topology and connectivity, or replacing entire support systems with systems using a different paradigm entirely.

Document Use and Modification

This document will be updated as additional information becomes available, and the revision history will be tabulated above. Please make changes in the Word version of this document using track changes. When sufficient recommendations for change are made, they will be incorporated and a new revision will be released.

This document will be stored on the ESRDC website in .pdf format, along with a Word format and an Excel spreadsheet containing the data.

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Draft ESRDC Initial Notional Ship Data.