Electric Ship Research &
Development Consortium

History of ESRDC Research

This content will be a rolling release of documentation to provide a continuously improving set of snapshots of the technical history of the ESRDC. As new documents become available, they will be appended to this post. Check back regularly to see if new content has been added.


2006 - Dynamic Reconfiguration of Ship Power Systems

2009 - Simulation Environment for Dynamic Thermal Modeling

2012 - Thermal-Electrical Co-simulation

2014 - Development of Capability to Model Ship Power Systems

2014 - Effective Ship Power System Simulation

2016 - Framework for Analysis of Distributed Energy Storage

2017 - Electric Shipboard Design for High Reliability Metrics

2017 - MVDC Fault Management

2017 - Common-Mode and Grounding 

2017 - Testing a MW-scale Impedance Measurement Unit at Medium Voltage Levels

2017 - Metamodeling of Power System Components 

2017 - Control of Power-System-Induced Ship Hull Currents in 20 kV DC Architectures

2018 - Impedance Measurements Techniques in PHIL Environment

Ongoing - Controls Evaluation and Partitioning Framework

Ongoing - Notional System Modeling